Sunday, January 22, 2012

Israeli hackers disable UAE bank website

Israeli-based cyber-criminals, calling themselves the IDF-Team appear to have successfully taken the UAE Central Bank offline, as well as the Arab Bank on the Gaza Strip, following threats made on Pastebin by the group on Thursday morning.

Israeli hackers disable UAE bank website

Both websites are currently unavailable.

The group said these hacking attacks were in retaliation to an attack on the website of the Anti-Drug Authority in Israel.

"Following attacks by hackers Saudi cooperation with hackers from Gaza to the Web site of the Anti-Drug Authority, on 18/01/12, the following sites will be disabled today 1/19/12 at 10 am Israel time; Web site of the main bank in the Gaza Strip. Main website of "United Arab Emirates."," read the IDF-Team statement.

The group has said that it will not stop these attacks until attacks against Israel stop.

"Time limit: up to factors terrorists stop their terrorist acts against Israel and attempts to disrupt the normal course of life in Israel. If there is no change in the near future than will be disabled as well as stock market sites, government sites, such as and sites related to the country's economy and even security," read the statement.

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