Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Web-based ITSM without compromise?

Man working on tablet and smartphone

Richmond Systems has pledged to restore faith of those businesses burned by compromised web-based ITSM tools by releasing what it deems to be the first IT support suite built specifically for the mobile generation.

Managing director Eric Wright told ServiceDesk360 that the completely re-engineered Richmond v9 offers all of the ITIL processes and depth of functionality usually only available in desktop tools, with the convenience of working seamlessly across multiple devices.  "The problem with many web-based service desk tools is they were built on technology that is now out of date, which means they are slow, clunky and lack the functionality that IT support professionals need to work effectively.  We're now accustomed to using consumer web-clients that are fast and intuitive regardless of what device is used, and this means that most web-based service desks demand too much compromise.  Richmond v9 is built on the latest web technologies meaning that the service desk can work smartly and in-step with the rest of the increasingly mobile business world."

Richmond functionality includes pitch, zoom and swipe on tablets and smartphones, drag and drop attachments, 'as-you-type' search and a 'breadcrumb' system which allows users to step back to previous states if something goes wrong.  "Richmond v9 lets service desk staff jump between devices – say logging an incident on their desktop, updating the status on their laptop, and closing the ticket on their tablet, safe in the knowledge that they can step back through the process if the situation requires," says Wright.

Wright concludes that Richmond's per-user licensing means that service desks have a clear view of their costs.  "Some web-based tools look good on paper, but ask you to pay-as-you-add ITIL processes and functionality such as asset management or self-service, so the price spirals quickly. With Richmond v9, you have access to everything immediately, so you add functions when you're ready without incurring additional costs."

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