Monday, April 13, 2015

Alcatel OneTouch unveils Smart Watch

The wrist-wear comes in several variants, including dark red and volcano black; all white; chrome and dark grey; and metal white. The Smart Watch is built from materials such as brushed chrome, micro-textured resin bands and white stainless steel, following a trend among vendors to have smartwatches appeal to consumers as fashion accessories first and devices second. 

"Our emphasis has been on delivering incredibly wearable design, with an aesthetic quality that integrates perfectly with everyday life, all at the right price point," said Zied Merichko, head, Middle East, Alcatel OneTouch. 

"The Smart Watch's design has won a number of awards with premium quality that doesn't break the bank. We've kept things fashion-forward while also delivering on innovative features. The UI has been carefully honed and retooled so users in the Middle East can intuitively take the Smart Watch's multifunctional ability to work, the gym, and even to sleep."

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