Monday, June 1, 2015

For Job-Seekers and Career-Changers: Have you established written and actionable job-search goals and career goals?

Establishing actionable post-military career goals is a challenge to many Servicemembers and Veterans. Once clear career goals are established, it is much easier for career-changers and job-seekers to identify and take constructive actions to achieve those goals and as needed, assess and adjust those goals. 

I feel goal-setting is a process and a journey - not a singular action. Folks should proactively assess, adjust and change their goals over time, in response to new information, changing conditions, and changing wants and desires. 

I believe goal setting should include some or all of these 6 specific actions and "tasks". Need help with any of these? Start a new discussion, and ask for assistance! 

(1) self-assessment and self-inventory (See Chapter 7, "You Need To Understand More Fully Who You Are", p. 110-189,!)

(2) career-exploration and career research (including well--planned, structured and purposeful informational interviews, see Chapter 8, "You Need to Do Some Informational Interviewing", p. 190-209,! )

(3) identifying several (3 to 5) live real world job-postings similar to jobs you want (not to apply, but as one step in learning what employers are saying they want when they hire people.) Google terms related to the jobs you want, and also the word jobs. 


(4) identifying several people (5 to 10) who currently work in jobs similar to jobs you want (Use LinkedIn advanced People Search, college alumni directories, etc.)
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(5) identifying specific by-name employers who offer jobs similar to jobs you want. 

(6) Assess and adjust your goals in response to new information, changing conditions, and changing wants and desires. 

Start with end-goals in mind. Establish clear, actionable and written career goals. 

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