Sunday, February 28, 2021

IT Salary Survey 2021: Over half of IT pros are satisfied at work – but nearly half are job hunting


Given the year we have all had and the changes in working patterns we have had to adopt, IT professionals could be forgiven for being unsettled in their work. For many though, 2020 has been a year of growth and acceleration. As we have seen in our analysis of compensation and job opportunities, it's a really good time to work in tech. The rapid adoption of cloud, the increase in application development, the focus on collaboration tools and communication, and the growth of ecommerce, data science and business analytics has meant there has been plenty of demand for IT skills and services.

As one McKinsey survey found, as a result of COVID-19, "companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions and of their internal operations by three to four years and the share of digital or digitally enabled products in their portfolios has accelerated by a shocking seven years."

Technology change, it seems, is for the long haul but it's easy to suggest that IT professionals should be grateful, while other industries suffer and job losses mount. The reality is that now technology is more business critical than ever before and IT professionals are on the frontline, not just keeping the lights on across a wide range of industries but also managing expectations of change and increasing demands for automation. So, are IT professionals happy in their work?

The 2021 IDG Insider Pro and Computerworld IT Salary Survey of 1,172 IT professionals asked 'how satisfied are you today with your total compensation package given your base salary, bonuses and benefits in relation to your job responsibilities?'

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